Meet Jen

A 20 something from Chicago, Illinois who met her husband on an online mafia game 6 years ago. After a year of chatting, a big group meet was planned in Chicago. Sadly, everyone backed out. Jen insisted that her (now husband) friend come anyway, she'd show him around the city and just have a good time.

He left, flew back home to England. They were both very sad. He came back 2 weeks later. And then, the month after that... and the month after that... And then... well you can see where this is going, can't you?

After a very long six years, they finally got married in her home town.  For years they had known that she would never leave her home, her life, her family and friends and move to England. It was to scary, to huge and he never questioned it. Until one day she called up while on her smoke break while working and told him, "I'm moving to England."

There wasn't much that could be said, the decision had been made and she was ready to partake in another massive adventure. Other than just being married, of course.

So the two tied the knot, hopped on a plane and got the hell out of dodge. Or as others refer to it, Illinois. So this is our journey. Learning to look both ways again before crossing the street, literally. Learning that they don't have dollars, they have pounds. Learning that no one here really understands sarcasm and how awesome it is. So our day to day lives, updating our friends and family on the insanity that is our life.