Monday, March 29, 2010

I might have a job...

Hello Americans!
Been busy thinking about working on my resume until the genius inside of my head reminded me that my latest resume had been sent to my big sister for editing. And because I don't delete emails the way I don't throw away lawn gnomes, I still had it! So instead of working on something for hours, perfecting it, editing and making sure it was up to scratch- I changed my name and contact information and was done.

HA! Take that world!

Sarah has so kindly found me an opening at Paper Chase, the company that does all the cute notebooks, book marks and cards at Borders. Her friends, and my new friends, are going to send my resume to the top and after that it's just fingers crossed and a bit of praying (For those of you who pray, that is. Not my Jewish family, though.)

If that does not pan out, the next time John has a day off we'll be looking for Temp. Agencies to send my CV to and then it's off on a parade of interviews hoping to find something that will allow us to save up (House? I want one Plz.) and perhaps buy me more books. (Yay books!)
So that about covers it. Other than that, nothing new.


In about 2 weeks time we will have a brand new oven. I hope you can feel my joy from here, because I am rather joyful. I'm going to miss you guys on Easter, but I'll make sure to let you know if Jesus decides to not come out of his cave. (Since we're in the future. Ha!)
Someone have a slice of carrot cake for me and then remind Mom that I actually don't like carrot cake, but the design was pretty.

The end!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Update! I know! SHOCKING.

So first it was computer problems and then it was "Jen is really lazy" Problems.

So I apologize..for being so lazy. I have pictures. I'm editing them now and trying to figure out the fastest way to get them on here with out losing my mind. This alone, should be interesting.

Look! Pretty flowers when I stand outside and look directly down! YAY DAFFODILS.

Lunchbox of the future, it would seem. At least their museums here think so. Blech.

Oh joy! Poo in a bag as a party favor! Thanks guys!
Oh right, you wanted to see the couches.. well EXCUSE ME for lightening things up with some poo jokes... Onto the pics. Sorry we're not very clean people. And by We, I mean Me. Mah Bad.

Look mom! I'm growing things! And I PROMISE they ARE NOT drugs. Right? Right.

I can hear you laughing from here, about how I own yet another piece of exercise equipment I won't use. JOKES ON YOU, IT MAKES A GREAT DRYING RACK SO HA.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greetings- I promise we're not dead

We've had a bit of a rough patch involving the computer, schedules and even illness. Computer had to be completely re-hauled, a guy came out and put a new motherboard in but it still wasn't working properly. John ended up uninstalling everything from it, including windows 7, and putting it all back on. So far so good, I say.

We've been busy, and by we I mean he's gone back to work for the most part, which leaves me to play the sims and watch greys anatomy while cooking various things. Speaking of cooking, we still don't have an oven. They came to fix it Tuesday, but the part the company ordered was the wrong one. So much for making lasagne, eh?

And as for Illnesses, the ear infection I have been moaning and whining about for months has finally driven me to the point of going to the doctors. Which is awesome, because they took a swab of the inside of my ear and sent it for lab work, which in America would be instantly 300 dollars, plus the 200 of the doctor standing in the room.

hahah, it was freeeeeeee. All of it was freeeeeee. And then my perscription was 7.50£ but in American that would be 15 bucks. Rock on UK, rock on. So I don't have an ear infection persay, I have eczema in my ears. Isn't that fantastic? :(
So they gave me ear drops that make me cry when you put them in my left ear. And in a few days I have to call the office to make sure there aren't any bugs in my ear (Insert ewwww and WTF face here.)

But all in all we're ok. Our couches came, they're lovely. We bought super cheap ikea coffee table/endtables and they look awesome actually. My cupcake kitchen is fantastical (Minus the oven, but we don't like to talk about that.) and now we're just waiting on my NI number, which is like the UK's version of a social security number, and then I have to look for a job because we're actually rather poor! Ha!

On the 19th I'm heading to Windsor, not that I know where that is, for a spa weekend with Sarah and some of her friends from work. It should be a fantastically awesome time, and John insists I go, although I am a bit apprehensive seeing as I will know Sarah and no one else. But on the other hand, it's been years since I've had a real massage. So I do deserve it, for being so gosh darn awesome. Yes.

Sounds like John is done making breakfast, so I'm going to close this and go eat some eggs and toast. Hope all is well on that side of the world, miss you all etc etc more sappy crap here.
Maybe I'll log back in and post some pictures of stuff. Dunno what, but I'm sure I can find some. Heh. BYE!