Tuesday, February 22, 2011

England is trying to kill me.

I keep complaining that I don't write anymore. I don't even read much either, which is even more worrying. But instead of doing the logical thing, like getting off the computer and picking up a book or even posting here I just continue on internetting like a crazy person.

But thanks to my internetting I found a comic that is clearly all about me. Click here, and Laugh!

So here I am taking a small step towards writing more by actually writing. I know, we're all very proud of me.

So what is going on in the land of Jen... Well John got sick with man flu (Or a cold, whatever) and has kindly passed it on to me. And It's slowly trying to kill me. I don't know if it's my Weak american immune system or the fact that my body hates that I quit smoking again (Oh, Mom, I quit smoking again.) but I currently give myself like 2 hours until I'm dead.

I've been alternating laying in bed whining about how I'm going to die and laying on the couch whining about how I'm going to die. I forsee no other outcome but my death, to be honest. My throat is swollen (No spots, I checked. Thought that would be difficult to do with no Mother, but turns out Blackberries have flashes with their camera and it works just as well. Although less sympathy...damn.) and I sound like Jabba the hutt. Or something like that. I don't know, my brain is currently being suffocated so its not working all that great.

I fear the only thing that is going to make me feel better is a pony. So lets all pool our money together and chip in to get Jen one before she dies... None of you are reaching for your wallets, are you? Harsh. I'm hurt by that.


We're working on my Resume at the moment. And by We I mean "John was bored at work so decided to do it." which is awesome for me. I've eaten a bowl of cereal and am about to go lay on the couch and whine some more about the death that should be happening just in time for dinner!

I miss you guys, and someone please stop Hope from getting cornrows. I mean honestly, it's like she thinks she is black or something.. Sad face.

OH. Dad, I got your letter. I will be filling it out and sending it back very soon. And by very soon I mean as soon as I am no longer dying. So hopefully next week I'll put it in the mail :D
And no, I don't want you to save us any snow, but I do appreciate the offer. Kinda. But not really.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not dead, I promise.

See, even John agrees that all is well here. Miss you guys <3

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Because things just never go according to plan...

Do they?
Probably not. Anywho, two days ago John and I were getting ready to head out to the magical land of Job recruitment places so yours truly could become employed and stop sitting around playing the sims. Granted I happen to like the sims, I like being able to bake a lot more!
So we're getting ready and John's showering and I'm sitting around being bored waiting when there is a knock on the door. Which confused me, but I figured answering it was a good start.

Yup. Some old lady from downstairs was there asking if our bathroom was flooded. Told her no, told John about it, resumed doing nothing. She came back, to double check. We ended up taking the wood panel that is in front of the tub out and low and behold! A leak! Horrah!

Should probably mention that the other day John opened the cupboard carefully (Dishes were stacked up drying in front of it) And the whole cabinet door fell off in his hand! Oh how I chuckled, but not really.

So now we have a busted cabinet, leaking bath and mold growning all over.

We called the Estate agents to inform them we need a plumber and they said "We don't manage the estate, we just rent it." Uhm...whuuuut?

So John wrote an epic email to the lady in Japan informing her of the shower, Cabinet, Counters and the time when he didn't have hot water for three weeks which means he had no heating and still had to pay rent even though he didn't live here.

Awesome eh?

Yeah, John managed to fix the tub leak with a screw driver. Cabinet and counters aren't that big of a deal. Although she did say that the people from before were supposed to leave behind oil to wipe them down with and we were supposed to be informed on how to do that.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

So another disaster was adverted, and now we can resume our normal programming of being poor and lazy! Horrah!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I have an oven!

And I've been baking! Nothing else much to report. John hates his job and is going to start looking for a new one, I have yet to hear back from paperchase on my interview because the lady went on vacation, and John had a serious ear infection but it's all better now.

But here, since my life is dull and mundane, let me show you some pictures!

Sarah, My new Paperchase friends and myself went to brunch and then the movies. It was great fun with a stop at some arcade place that had bumpercars!

Yes, Sarah and I look like crazy people.

I took a spa weekend in Windsor with the ladies, and we got all glammed up to eat out that night. Because we're super awesome.

We then asked to have our picture taken with the guard outside Windsor castle, and they said yes! Heck yeah massive gun!

Inside the crooked tea house, which was very crooked! And adorable!

I had a wicked awesome time in Windsor and I made new friends! Rock on friends!

Then I went to the shop some time later... and found these delights.

Delicious they were not.

Poor John being sick :(

We had a crazy 5 minute storm that beat the poop out of the pretty pink tree.

Sadly I only made 12 of them, and they're all gone :(
So thats whats been going on in the land of Jen. Nothing exciting, but kinda exciting.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

I wanna come home

The English, bless them, don't do Easter baskets. They do rather large chocolate eggs with candy in them.

How is it Easter if there is not a basket full of plastic grass that you have to clean up for the next 8 months and Jelly beans that you pick at for the next 4 even if they are flavors you don't like. And what about chocolate bunnies? where are the chocolate bunnies?

Something is wrong with this country. Someone send me an Easter basket please, I need to educate the masses.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I might have a job...

Hello Americans!
Been busy thinking about working on my resume until the genius inside of my head reminded me that my latest resume had been sent to my big sister for editing. And because I don't delete emails the way I don't throw away lawn gnomes, I still had it! So instead of working on something for hours, perfecting it, editing and making sure it was up to scratch- I changed my name and contact information and was done.

HA! Take that world!

Sarah has so kindly found me an opening at Paper Chase, the company that does all the cute notebooks, book marks and cards at Borders. Her friends, and my new friends, are going to send my resume to the top and after that it's just fingers crossed and a bit of praying (For those of you who pray, that is. Not my Jewish family, though.)

If that does not pan out, the next time John has a day off we'll be looking for Temp. Agencies to send my CV to and then it's off on a parade of interviews hoping to find something that will allow us to save up (House? I want one Plz.) and perhaps buy me more books. (Yay books!)
So that about covers it. Other than that, nothing new.


In about 2 weeks time we will have a brand new oven. I hope you can feel my joy from here, because I am rather joyful. I'm going to miss you guys on Easter, but I'll make sure to let you know if Jesus decides to not come out of his cave. (Since we're in the future. Ha!)
Someone have a slice of carrot cake for me and then remind Mom that I actually don't like carrot cake, but the design was pretty.

The end!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Update! I know! SHOCKING.

So first it was computer problems and then it was "Jen is really lazy" Problems.

So I apologize..for being so lazy. I have pictures. I'm editing them now and trying to figure out the fastest way to get them on here with out losing my mind. This alone, should be interesting.

Look! Pretty flowers when I stand outside and look directly down! YAY DAFFODILS.

Lunchbox of the future, it would seem. At least their museums here think so. Blech.

Oh joy! Poo in a bag as a party favor! Thanks guys!
Oh right, you wanted to see the couches.. well EXCUSE ME for lightening things up with some poo jokes... Onto the pics. Sorry we're not very clean people. And by We, I mean Me. Mah Bad.

Look mom! I'm growing things! And I PROMISE they ARE NOT drugs. Right? Right.

I can hear you laughing from here, about how I own yet another piece of exercise equipment I won't use. JOKES ON YOU, IT MAKES A GREAT DRYING RACK SO HA.