Friday, May 7, 2010

I have an oven!

And I've been baking! Nothing else much to report. John hates his job and is going to start looking for a new one, I have yet to hear back from paperchase on my interview because the lady went on vacation, and John had a serious ear infection but it's all better now.

But here, since my life is dull and mundane, let me show you some pictures!

Sarah, My new Paperchase friends and myself went to brunch and then the movies. It was great fun with a stop at some arcade place that had bumpercars!

Yes, Sarah and I look like crazy people.

I took a spa weekend in Windsor with the ladies, and we got all glammed up to eat out that night. Because we're super awesome.

We then asked to have our picture taken with the guard outside Windsor castle, and they said yes! Heck yeah massive gun!

Inside the crooked tea house, which was very crooked! And adorable!

I had a wicked awesome time in Windsor and I made new friends! Rock on friends!

Then I went to the shop some time later... and found these delights.

Delicious they were not.

Poor John being sick :(

We had a crazy 5 minute storm that beat the poop out of the pretty pink tree.

Sadly I only made 12 of them, and they're all gone :(
So thats whats been going on in the land of Jen. Nothing exciting, but kinda exciting.


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