Saturday, May 15, 2010

Because things just never go according to plan...

Do they?
Probably not. Anywho, two days ago John and I were getting ready to head out to the magical land of Job recruitment places so yours truly could become employed and stop sitting around playing the sims. Granted I happen to like the sims, I like being able to bake a lot more!
So we're getting ready and John's showering and I'm sitting around being bored waiting when there is a knock on the door. Which confused me, but I figured answering it was a good start.

Yup. Some old lady from downstairs was there asking if our bathroom was flooded. Told her no, told John about it, resumed doing nothing. She came back, to double check. We ended up taking the wood panel that is in front of the tub out and low and behold! A leak! Horrah!

Should probably mention that the other day John opened the cupboard carefully (Dishes were stacked up drying in front of it) And the whole cabinet door fell off in his hand! Oh how I chuckled, but not really.

So now we have a busted cabinet, leaking bath and mold growning all over.

We called the Estate agents to inform them we need a plumber and they said "We don't manage the estate, we just rent it." Uhm...whuuuut?

So John wrote an epic email to the lady in Japan informing her of the shower, Cabinet, Counters and the time when he didn't have hot water for three weeks which means he had no heating and still had to pay rent even though he didn't live here.

Awesome eh?

Yeah, John managed to fix the tub leak with a screw driver. Cabinet and counters aren't that big of a deal. Although she did say that the people from before were supposed to leave behind oil to wipe them down with and we were supposed to be informed on how to do that.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

So another disaster was adverted, and now we can resume our normal programming of being poor and lazy! Horrah!

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  1. How long do you have to live there for?? BTW I erased my google account which meant my blog got erased so I started a new one.