Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First day

I decided to set up a new blog to talk about my adventures in England, and I have every intention of updating lots of times with pictures and things because yes, I'm going to be wandering around with a camera taking pictures and things.My parents dropped John and I off at the airport fairly early which gave me some time to smoke a few cigarettes before checking in and going through secuirity. But we wandered a bit, and got some sandwiches and water before sitting down at our gate.
We ended up waiting 2 hours and then the boarding was delayed because they were cleaning the plane. John and I got seats together. And then the lovely flight attendant brought me wine. And diet coke. And then some more wine.
So lets do a quick recap- Saturday night was the going away party where I managed a whopping 3 hours of sleep before getting up to finish packing, cleaning and sorting my things out. On the plane I took some Nyquil and 3 glasses of wine and managed to sleep... a whole hours. One hour. John was snoring next to me, content and thrilled with his napping abilities, and I got about an hour.And I woke him up a few times, because I couldn't sleep or read or focus on anything because the nyquil was killing me. And yet I was unable to sleep. It made for a long flight, with terrible turbulance. The kind where I thought I was going to break John's fingers from gripping them because I figured we were going to die.

We finally landed, and I was so happy to be off the plane that I didn't even mind standing and waiting 10 minutes for the man to verify my visa was legit, which obviously it was. Plus after we got through, we waited 20 seconds before we had all of our luggage. After that it was right outside with our 7suitcases for a cigarette. It had been a long time coming, and I was a bit shocked still about everything.

We got in line to wait for a taxi, which only took another 5 minutes or so, but then we got to the apartment and it is amazing. Seriously, tomorrow I will post up pictures of what it looks like, but at the moment I can't be bothered to and plus it's like Jen exploded all over the floor. I started unpacking in a crazy frenzy because if I sat down I was going to fall asleep.

We headed out and bought our bed, matress and a new laptop. Very productive for four hours of sleep in nearly three days. We got home and was going to set up the laptop and instead I fell asleep and was done for for the next 8 hours. And now you are caught up, and thus concludes day one for the time being.


  1. So you've influenced me to start Blogging again. Remember when it was all about Xanga? Those were the good old days. I hope you have a fabulous life in Gay Ole' Britain. :)

  2. Blogging is like crack as long as people read. Ahhh Xanga, I miss you.

  3. I'm so not blogging but damn woman, I'm giggling my ass off at the nose picker dude...


  4. Nose picker dude was the highlight of the airport.