Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Two

After a long day one, where we went to bed at 4 in the afternoon and woke up at midnight, puttered around for a few hours before passing out for another six, we were mildly productive. After a breakfast of slightly burnt toast and disgusting instant coffee, John made me walk 8 miles (Slight exaggeration, probably.) to go into a magical store that had tons of things. It was a bit like a mini target with no clothes or food.

Got ourselves some measuring cups, some kitchen things, a power converter so my Mixer could be plugged in. Air freshner, garbage can, and a clock. Because I have no cell phone and thus no concept of time. We still need to get an alarm clock for the bedroom, because again, no concept of time.

Went around to his Parent's house for dinner, which involved more walking. And while I was content to sit on their couch watching tv all night to avoid walking back, the slave driver of a husband I have, made me.
Its times like that, where there is frost on the cars and I'm walking, that I long for my car- and its only been 2 days! Wont be long until I'm demanding to drive, I'm guessing.

Long day ahead of us, grocery shopping and some cleaning. Then at four his Mom is coming around to take us to Ikea where hopefully I will find some cheap furniture that can and will be delivered. Fingers crossed on that one.

My biggest problem at the moment, other than the walking everywhere, the jet lag or the fact that I'm missing Bones is that they have instant coffee. And John, the dear, bought a massive container of it. And I said "No new coffee maker until its all gone" so now I'm drinking this coffee that tastes like nothing delicious and it's making Jen sad faced.

And with this folks, I should probably put a few more tings away. Clothes are unpacked, books shelved bt ings like purses need a hiding spot as well as all my little knick knacks. So Until later, I miss you, America.


  1. If Adam ever moved me to where my Television schedule was disturbed... I would ask for a divorce. ;) haha. When does anything even air other places?

  2. It airs here, they just got glee last week, so I'll have something to watch. Their TV isn't bad, but I don't really watch much. They have Lovefilm which is like netflix and you can get whole seasons. So I won't be without, I'll just be behind.