Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Three (By John)

We woke up pretty early and I spent an hour washing up three days worth of stuff, seriously I miss having a dishwasher some times. Gave me a lot of time to think though and in the midst of the soapy water and dirty dishes I couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed, Jen has given up so much to be with me. She is not only the best wife ever but also the nicest person I have ever had the fortune to meet, kind and considerate even when it's clear she has a million and one other things on her mind.

Took Jen on the magical bus that took us to ASDA for a well overdue grocery restock, it's a good thing Jen is here or I might die. I've only shopped once properly for myself since I moved in here in October so there wasn't much food in the apartment at all. Jen fixed this, Jen knew what we needed, Jen had a plan and I was quite happy to push the trolley round the store while we picked thigs out. We struggled to get it all back and my arms are at least 3 inches longer than they were when I woke up this morning..

The afternoon was filled with THREE HOURS of walking round Ikea. It wasn't anyone's fault and I did have fun but that shop is so overwhelming the way it's set out and the colours are limited. We did find some good things though, a desk for the bedroom, two side tables, some plates and bowls, three lamps, some bed covers, candles and some other bits and pieces. It's amazing how the total cost rises so quickly.

Jen made meatballs for dinner and they were fantastic, I demolished my serving in good time and thank God we have some left over for tomorrow! I cant' wait to eat them again. I'm looking around the flat and all I can see is mess but we'll tackle this tomorrow, it's been a long day and I think I owe my wife a foot massage for being so awesome.

Edit in word from Jen: His wife had gone to read for a bit, and ended up being dead asleep, snoring loudly by the time he opened the door to offer up that massage.

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