Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A few days after the third day! - By John

This last week has flown by so quickly, Jen and I have been all over the place looking at furniture and bits and pieces for the apartment. It's been tiring but so much fun! In a couple of weeks we'll have some couches to sit on which will then make the livingroom more liveable, at the moment we have dining chairs and a very old couch that used to live in my room back at my parent's house, it's wooden frame is exposed and the cushions are lumpy and flat now so we've not really spent much time in there.

We set up a desk in our bedroom, one we bought from Ikea, it's white and fits nicely in to the bay window. Apparently we are professionals at building furniture because while we weren't all that quick, everything got done correctly and without one single argument, we make a good team and everything is fun. Once it was built we unpacked the new computer which had been delivered two days previously but stayed in it's box, we knew if we even started messing with it we'd never get anything done. The apartment was littered with seven suitcases worth of clothing and items, from room to room and strewn throughout the hallway. There was stuff and chaos everywhere so we made sure we cleaned up first and did what needed to be done, how adult of us! Kinda!

We splashed out on an Alienware computer, the cheapest one we could get so that Jen could play the Sims on it as it was meant to be played and so that we could use it for other things too without overloading it. Can I just say, this was an awesome decision on our part, it works like perfectly like a PC should and it was definitely worth the little extra we paid for it, in this case definitely believe the hype. Only down side is it's fairly big (And this model is marketed as a small one..) so we're not sure where it's going to live perminantly yet. But Jen is happy because the Sims runs nicely and I am happy that Jen is happy and that it's so good, it's a relief.

Paul, Sarah and my mum came over and Jen prepared a 'help yourself' taco night which was good fun. We played some Wii and ate good food, it was nice and I hope we do it again soon. Jen has wizarded the kitchen to her way of thinking, I was definitely living like a typical male with hardly any food in the fridge, all the pots and pans were all over the place in different cupboards and I was lacking in utensiles. One week in and Jen has used her magic touch to whip it in to shape, not just the kitchen but the whole apartment and it now feels more like a home than I had manged to make it since...October. There's even a scented candle in the bathroom to overpower the smell of my....beautifully digested food. Yeah.

I went back to work last night and Jen stayed home. While I slept all day today she found things to do. A trip to the grocery store on the bus and meeting up with Sarah but I'll let her tell you about that because I feel like maybe in my excitement I have taken over her blog..

In a few words...it's fantastic to have my wife here, I couldn't be happier right now. (Unless we won milions of pounds and could both live a life of luxury, of course!)

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