Monday, February 15, 2010

A lazy day

The last few days have just been full of laughter and I have decided that my husband is the funniest man I have ever met. Despite his odd ways he makes me laugh from morning right through the day and I just never know what he's going to say next. If you don't know him very well he may seem quiet and reserved but let me tell you readers, John is a living legend. I have also discovered he can cook too! This was very surprising I must say but a very welcome addition to an already fantastic husband. Last night he cooked a five course feast and I was so over come with emotion it literally reduced me to tears of joy, my pallet was in awe of his flavour and texture combinations.

Edit: John's speciality is toast. Don't believe his lies!

But then he has learned it from me, I must have teached him real good.

Edit: That sentence pains me in ways that I can compare to being shot in the knee, hit by a truck and quite possibly going into labor on a crowded bus.

In other news we went shopping yesterday in Westfields, a huge Mall full of expensive shops and we managed to buy a few things of tea and an instant pink lemonade and that was it. We were proud of ourselves and so stopped at a small Italian Restaurant just outside the mall. Let me tell you this was a huge let down, the bread was doughy, the meat was too spicy, the shrimp was too fishy and so on..On the up side the wine was nice so we demolished that.

We still have no oven! The guy came on 2nd Feb and said he'd be back in a few days with the part needed but so far no return. John has called them twice now in the last few days but we've been told they are themselves waiting for the part to come in. I can make food without it, I've been doing an awesome job of it if I do say so myself. (John thinks so too!)

John's folks came to see us last night, his father talked for a good 2 hours almost without stopping but he's been away working for a month so he had a lot to say. They both like what I have managed to do with the place which is a hell of a lot more than John managed to do and I do love it now that the bed has arrived! A Romanian man built the bed in 10 minutes and left. So efficient these Romanians. (Pictures to be included very soon!)

We're having a lazy day today because we deserve it, to my family a friends, I miss you all but it still hasn't sunk in properly yet. Oh look! John is doing something funny again, what a funny funny man!

Note: This blog Entry was written by John and only some of the views are mutual in regards to Jen's thoughts. The Bolded text is nothing more than John being an idiot.

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