Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Alright, alright, I know- I haven't updated and I am a complete failure at this whole blogging thing. I have about 15 minutes to get this out before the massive sleeping pill I took addles my brain.

Monday, John had to work, and instead of the half days he had managed to get on Saturday and Sunday, he was actually gone all day. Which left me to my own devices for about 14 hours. Now, After the first two weeks of struggling with the time change, I've managed to (And you're going to love this, Mom.) make myself wake up at 8am every morning, regardless of what time I went to bed. I know, it's astounding. I myself, can not believe it.

So I woke up at 8 and did a few dishes, made some breakfast at 2pm (I may be up at 8 but I still behave as if I've woken up at noon) and then settled in to play some PS3, which is lovely. And by lovely, I mean I get to stab people for a few hours. It's a dream come true!

John eventually came home, with every intention of cleaning/dishes/laundry but I told him he could play PS3... so nothing got done. Then we went to sleep at 11 and woke up the next day at (GASP) 9 am. I got to sleep in a whole hour!

Today we literally spent 6.5 hours cleaning up the apartment, and get this, only managed to get the kitchen and living room done. Ha! We are masters at creating mess! The water heater crapped out on us, overheated and shut off. So we gave up on dishes and moved to the living room. I have managed to fit all of our books on this tiny bookshelf, and dragged the heavy table he bought to the other side of the room. We've been very productive.

Then we headed to his Mom's for dinner and (his) haircut. Stayed a few hours and now we are home. After dragging twelve (I'm not exaggerating, either) bags of garbage downstairs and (again, not exaggerating) 4 containers of cardboard/bottles/plastic John took a sleeping pill, and is now playing PS3, while I, obviously am updating this blog.

Tomorrow we're planning on getting all my crap off the spare room's bed and figuring out where all my tiaras and things are going to go, then the rest of the dishes, and the bedroom and then get this, I'm going to iron. Do you know the last time I ironed something? Yea, me neither. Should be interesting. Perhaps tomorrow I'll wander around the apartment taking pictures to post here so you can all marvel at how CLEAN this place is. heh.

So there, a real update, that tells you more about whats happened and less about drunk men on buses. I'm sure there will be more tales of random drunk people, eventually, but for now I've been staying close to home. Right, so enough for now, promise will update tomorrow.

OH EDIT: Guess what I did? In a genius move of trying to open up one of those wrappers that's like 3 inches of plastic and you need a blowtorch to get it off? I sliced open my hand bad enough that I actually thought I might have to get stitches. (Read: The fat was coming out if I squeezed it ewww) but the bleeding stopped, but because its right on the big of my hand below the third knuckle (closest to palm) it moves and re-opens everytime I try to use my hand. So my guess is, it's going to heal and I'm going to have a lovely little valley of suffering on my hand for very tiny people to play in.

ps. Clearly the drugs have kicked in (Scroll up, I mean sleeping pills, not crack.) and I should stop typing now, before I blather on about midgets and freckles and other wonderful things like dancing unicorns (CANDY MOUNTAIN CHARLIE!) Yes, thats all. TOODLES.

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