Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photos of the apartment

While John is sorting out his weights and moving heavy things, I figured I'd throw up the pictures I took this morning of the apartment, they're on Facebook, but for people who don't have facebook or don't want to scroll through my dozens of pictures of cake I'll put them here. (You're welcome Mom!)

This is our Street, I think it looks like Veronaville from The Sims 2, which pleases me greatly! Apparently it looks much better when the trees are not bare, but I have yet to witness this.

You can click on the picture, Mom, for a bigger one.

This is a picture of our living room, the side where the door is. The couch and chair are going, we're just waiting for our sofas to get here, which hopefully will be in a few weeks.

This is the wall with the nook where we have stored our only bookshelf, the TV and computer table are going as well as the wickedly hideous chair.

Our table and TV, the other side of the room, across from the multi coloured couch. The table pulls out on both sides to seat more people, but we have no space for it.

The windows that I adore, leading out to my balcony that lets me laugh at the people below using their hands to brush off their half a centimetre of snow. Wimps!

Hallway and our front door. Look at the magical way we have to dry our socks!

First door leads to the bathtub area with the sink, second leads to the magical closet with a toilet in it.

Spare room, with our rack for drying clothes. (This is why I have to iron :(

the wardrobe where all my clothes are, in the spare room, because John has more clothes than anyone I know. It's insane.


Magical Toilet area.

I made a collage of Pictures on the back of the toilet door, because I'm an odd person.

Kitchen, with the sink and the wood counters that I now hate because they're growing mold :(

My stove that doesn't work, the burners do, but the stove does not. Please note the pretty towels!

My super awesome cupcake calendar.

Our room, the wall on the left that you can't see is all closet/wardrobe things.

So that's our place, its a bit messy at the moment, but we figure in a month or so we'll have it all sorted and looking nice. (We hope.) So thus concludes this entry and I'll post again tomorrow or the next day. I have a pot of coffee with my name on it. Toodles!

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