Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sorry..I fail

Sorry about the lack of updates, everyone. Our brand new shiney computer came with a faulty harddrive and died. We got a new harddrive (Freeee) but I've spent 2 hours on the phone today arguing with some guy who didn't know what he was doing.

So hopefully in the next day or so It'll be working perfectly again and I'll resume being less angry and more writey :p

I'm not dead, although I feel tired as heck. Haven't been sleeping very well lately and I have no idea why. My guess is it's 90 degrees in this room when I go to bed. But, I do need to head to bed. Or at least try to pretend to get some sleep. Proper update will happen tomorrow- I just wanted to let everyone know I'm not dead.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, Tuesday and today...

I'm never really sure what day it is any more even though we have a calendar. Monday, it was a nice day about 40 degrees and we opted to spend the day inside. John played video games and I played the sims all day. Which was enjoyable, I admit. Yesterday, Tuesday, was apparently pancake day. Which turns out to mean crepe day, which baffled me but all the same, I ate pancakes for dinner.

We went to Ealing Broadway, to return some things and get a few more things. Took 2 hours but the weather was miserable. Rained all day long, even if it was only chilly outside. Then again, I'd take the rain over the snow any day.

We came home and somehow John managed an invite to his Parent's house for pancake day, so Paul came to pick us up. They were crepes, which I did not know, but did enjoy. Sat around watching TV and talking for a while before heading home armed with a giant bag full of books for me to read.

So I think you know where this is going...

John went to bed around ten and I, being the crazy person I am, stayed up until four curled up on our very uncomfortable couch reading. I finally dragged myself to bed when the words started to blur on the page.
Then this morning John woke me up by not only opening the curtains but tapping me. As much as I would have liked to roll over and go back to sleep, I got up. We were supposed to go to a museum today, but we opted instead to stay indoors. We'll probably go out tonight to do something, although I couldn't possibly tell you what.

Tomorrow we're off to John's Grandma's house which is about 2-3 hours away by train. Which means more reading for Jen! Must remember to take the wedding pictures and also the few I have stored on facebook.

And now, that I have done an update, I'm going to resume laying down and reading my book.
Oh Ps. I'm generally always on Skype, I have it set up to sign in when the computer turns on. So if you shoot me a message and I'm around I'll hear it and you can marvel at how awesome I am.

Alright, thats it for now. John's calling because he beat something in the game. Enjoy Peeps.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A lazy day

The last few days have just been full of laughter and I have decided that my husband is the funniest man I have ever met. Despite his odd ways he makes me laugh from morning right through the day and I just never know what he's going to say next. If you don't know him very well he may seem quiet and reserved but let me tell you readers, John is a living legend. I have also discovered he can cook too! This was very surprising I must say but a very welcome addition to an already fantastic husband. Last night he cooked a five course feast and I was so over come with emotion it literally reduced me to tears of joy, my pallet was in awe of his flavour and texture combinations.

Edit: John's speciality is toast. Don't believe his lies!

But then he has learned it from me, I must have teached him real good.

Edit: That sentence pains me in ways that I can compare to being shot in the knee, hit by a truck and quite possibly going into labor on a crowded bus.

In other news we went shopping yesterday in Westfields, a huge Mall full of expensive shops and we managed to buy a few things of tea and an instant pink lemonade and that was it. We were proud of ourselves and so stopped at a small Italian Restaurant just outside the mall. Let me tell you this was a huge let down, the bread was doughy, the meat was too spicy, the shrimp was too fishy and so on..On the up side the wine was nice so we demolished that.

We still have no oven! The guy came on 2nd Feb and said he'd be back in a few days with the part needed but so far no return. John has called them twice now in the last few days but we've been told they are themselves waiting for the part to come in. I can make food without it, I've been doing an awesome job of it if I do say so myself. (John thinks so too!)

John's folks came to see us last night, his father talked for a good 2 hours almost without stopping but he's been away working for a month so he had a lot to say. They both like what I have managed to do with the place which is a hell of a lot more than John managed to do and I do love it now that the bed has arrived! A Romanian man built the bed in 10 minutes and left. So efficient these Romanians. (Pictures to be included very soon!)

We're having a lazy day today because we deserve it, to my family a friends, I miss you all but it still hasn't sunk in properly yet. Oh look! John is doing something funny again, what a funny funny man!

Note: This blog Entry was written by John and only some of the views are mutual in regards to Jen's thoughts. The Bolded text is nothing more than John being an idiot.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photos of the apartment

While John is sorting out his weights and moving heavy things, I figured I'd throw up the pictures I took this morning of the apartment, they're on Facebook, but for people who don't have facebook or don't want to scroll through my dozens of pictures of cake I'll put them here. (You're welcome Mom!)

This is our Street, I think it looks like Veronaville from The Sims 2, which pleases me greatly! Apparently it looks much better when the trees are not bare, but I have yet to witness this.

You can click on the picture, Mom, for a bigger one.

This is a picture of our living room, the side where the door is. The couch and chair are going, we're just waiting for our sofas to get here, which hopefully will be in a few weeks.

This is the wall with the nook where we have stored our only bookshelf, the TV and computer table are going as well as the wickedly hideous chair.

Our table and TV, the other side of the room, across from the multi coloured couch. The table pulls out on both sides to seat more people, but we have no space for it.

The windows that I adore, leading out to my balcony that lets me laugh at the people below using their hands to brush off their half a centimetre of snow. Wimps!

Hallway and our front door. Look at the magical way we have to dry our socks!

First door leads to the bathtub area with the sink, second leads to the magical closet with a toilet in it.

Spare room, with our rack for drying clothes. (This is why I have to iron :(

the wardrobe where all my clothes are, in the spare room, because John has more clothes than anyone I know. It's insane.


Magical Toilet area.

I made a collage of Pictures on the back of the toilet door, because I'm an odd person.

Kitchen, with the sink and the wood counters that I now hate because they're growing mold :(

My stove that doesn't work, the burners do, but the stove does not. Please note the pretty towels!

My super awesome cupcake calendar.

Our room, the wall on the left that you can't see is all closet/wardrobe things.

So that's our place, its a bit messy at the moment, but we figure in a month or so we'll have it all sorted and looking nice. (We hope.) So thus concludes this entry and I'll post again tomorrow or the next day. I have a pot of coffee with my name on it. Toodles!

Monday and Tuesday

Alright, alright, I know- I haven't updated and I am a complete failure at this whole blogging thing. I have about 15 minutes to get this out before the massive sleeping pill I took addles my brain.

Monday, John had to work, and instead of the half days he had managed to get on Saturday and Sunday, he was actually gone all day. Which left me to my own devices for about 14 hours. Now, After the first two weeks of struggling with the time change, I've managed to (And you're going to love this, Mom.) make myself wake up at 8am every morning, regardless of what time I went to bed. I know, it's astounding. I myself, can not believe it.

So I woke up at 8 and did a few dishes, made some breakfast at 2pm (I may be up at 8 but I still behave as if I've woken up at noon) and then settled in to play some PS3, which is lovely. And by lovely, I mean I get to stab people for a few hours. It's a dream come true!

John eventually came home, with every intention of cleaning/dishes/laundry but I told him he could play PS3... so nothing got done. Then we went to sleep at 11 and woke up the next day at (GASP) 9 am. I got to sleep in a whole hour!

Today we literally spent 6.5 hours cleaning up the apartment, and get this, only managed to get the kitchen and living room done. Ha! We are masters at creating mess! The water heater crapped out on us, overheated and shut off. So we gave up on dishes and moved to the living room. I have managed to fit all of our books on this tiny bookshelf, and dragged the heavy table he bought to the other side of the room. We've been very productive.

Then we headed to his Mom's for dinner and (his) haircut. Stayed a few hours and now we are home. After dragging twelve (I'm not exaggerating, either) bags of garbage downstairs and (again, not exaggerating) 4 containers of cardboard/bottles/plastic John took a sleeping pill, and is now playing PS3, while I, obviously am updating this blog.

Tomorrow we're planning on getting all my crap off the spare room's bed and figuring out where all my tiaras and things are going to go, then the rest of the dishes, and the bedroom and then get this, I'm going to iron. Do you know the last time I ironed something? Yea, me neither. Should be interesting. Perhaps tomorrow I'll wander around the apartment taking pictures to post here so you can all marvel at how CLEAN this place is. heh.

So there, a real update, that tells you more about whats happened and less about drunk men on buses. I'm sure there will be more tales of random drunk people, eventually, but for now I've been staying close to home. Right, so enough for now, promise will update tomorrow.

OH EDIT: Guess what I did? In a genius move of trying to open up one of those wrappers that's like 3 inches of plastic and you need a blowtorch to get it off? I sliced open my hand bad enough that I actually thought I might have to get stitches. (Read: The fat was coming out if I squeezed it ewww) but the bleeding stopped, but because its right on the big of my hand below the third knuckle (closest to palm) it moves and re-opens everytime I try to use my hand. So my guess is, it's going to heal and I'm going to have a lovely little valley of suffering on my hand for very tiny people to play in.

ps. Clearly the drugs have kicked in (Scroll up, I mean sleeping pills, not crack.) and I should stop typing now, before I blather on about midgets and freckles and other wonderful things like dancing unicorns (CANDY MOUNTAIN CHARLIE!) Yes, thats all. TOODLES.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Longish update

John went back to working which kind of gave me time to wander around, and by wander around I mean go to the grocery store and meet Sarah at the mall. We haven't really been doing much, seeing as his shifts are 12 hours, and then the time to travel to and from work, he's gone most of the day. So that leaves me to cook, maybe even do some cleaning and play on ze internets.

We bought a tv, and the Ps3 I've promised him, which means the last few days nothing has really gotten done. He's cleaning right now, and I don't have to seeing as I did it all day while he was at work.

I'll try to make an effort to update daily or at least try to write things down so I can remember what the heck happened.

OH I KNOW. I was on the bus, during my very adventure to ASDA I was on the bus home and some guy, who was very drunk, got on and was all "WHO WANTS SEX?!" and I blinked, looked back at my book thinking, Don't make eye contact you do not need to be harassed, a lonely american stuck on a bus with a drunk guy.

AND THEN he was stalking smack to a few women/girls and one of them, just as the bus stopped and the doors opened, punched him in the face causing him to fall to the ground below.

It took everything I had not to bust out laughing at him. Oh. London. How I love thee.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A few days after the third day! - By John

This last week has flown by so quickly, Jen and I have been all over the place looking at furniture and bits and pieces for the apartment. It's been tiring but so much fun! In a couple of weeks we'll have some couches to sit on which will then make the livingroom more liveable, at the moment we have dining chairs and a very old couch that used to live in my room back at my parent's house, it's wooden frame is exposed and the cushions are lumpy and flat now so we've not really spent much time in there.

We set up a desk in our bedroom, one we bought from Ikea, it's white and fits nicely in to the bay window. Apparently we are professionals at building furniture because while we weren't all that quick, everything got done correctly and without one single argument, we make a good team and everything is fun. Once it was built we unpacked the new computer which had been delivered two days previously but stayed in it's box, we knew if we even started messing with it we'd never get anything done. The apartment was littered with seven suitcases worth of clothing and items, from room to room and strewn throughout the hallway. There was stuff and chaos everywhere so we made sure we cleaned up first and did what needed to be done, how adult of us! Kinda!

We splashed out on an Alienware computer, the cheapest one we could get so that Jen could play the Sims on it as it was meant to be played and so that we could use it for other things too without overloading it. Can I just say, this was an awesome decision on our part, it works like perfectly like a PC should and it was definitely worth the little extra we paid for it, in this case definitely believe the hype. Only down side is it's fairly big (And this model is marketed as a small one..) so we're not sure where it's going to live perminantly yet. But Jen is happy because the Sims runs nicely and I am happy that Jen is happy and that it's so good, it's a relief.

Paul, Sarah and my mum came over and Jen prepared a 'help yourself' taco night which was good fun. We played some Wii and ate good food, it was nice and I hope we do it again soon. Jen has wizarded the kitchen to her way of thinking, I was definitely living like a typical male with hardly any food in the fridge, all the pots and pans were all over the place in different cupboards and I was lacking in utensiles. One week in and Jen has used her magic touch to whip it in to shape, not just the kitchen but the whole apartment and it now feels more like a home than I had manged to make it since...October. There's even a scented candle in the bathroom to overpower the smell of my....beautifully digested food. Yeah.

I went back to work last night and Jen stayed home. While I slept all day today she found things to do. A trip to the grocery store on the bus and meeting up with Sarah but I'll let her tell you about that because I feel like maybe in my excitement I have taken over her blog..

In a few's fantastic to have my wife here, I couldn't be happier right now. (Unless we won milions of pounds and could both live a life of luxury, of course!)